Motorhome Stay in Beautiful Landscapes

At Grimen Camping, we aim to offer you a unique experience with our motorhome facilities. For those who love to travel on wheels, our motorhome spots provide the perfect opportunity to explore Bergen and the surrounding areas with all the convenience of a home on wheels. When you stay in your own motorhome, you have the complete freedom to explore Bergen and the surrounding areas at your own pace. Visit fjords, mountains, lakes, and all the beautiful places that Western Norway has to offer.

Caravan Spaces for All Types of Motorhomes

Whether you have a small motorhome for two or a large motorhome for the family, we have space for everyone. Our motorhome areas are flexible and tailored to your needs. By choosing motorhome accommodation at Grimen Camping, you can enjoy the adventure of travel in your own home on wheels while having access to all the facilities and conveniences our campsite has to offer. We look forward to welcoming you to an unforgettable motorhome experience in the heart of Western Norway.